Auto Insurance

Arizona is one of the biggest states in the union, covered in a system of roadways that nearly all residents travel on a daily basis. Unfortunately, accidents happen every day too, resulting in medical bills, car repair bills and time off work. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation, there were more than 107,000 car accidents in Arizona during 2013 alone, nearly all of which resulted in injury, property damage or both. That is why all Arizona drivers need auto insurance that protects them against roadway uncertainties – not only for financial purposes, but because it is the law.

In fact, state law requires a minimum of coverage that includes at least the following:

  • $15,000 reserved for bodily injury for each person

  • $30,000 reserved for bodily injury for each accident

  • $10,000 reserved for property damage losses per accident

However, the minimum coverage amounts are only a starting point from which most drivers should build their insurance policies. If you are found at-fault for a car accident, it is possible to incur much higher liability charges, exceeding the limits of a minimum coverage policy. Our agents can help you protect your assets with coverage that pays for injuries and losses to others, as well as your own personal medical bills and vehicle repair costs. We also offer comprehensive policies that pay for losses unrelated to traffic accidents, such as theft and vandalism.

Finding the Right Auto Insurance in Arizona

For real peace of mind, your auto coverage should be enough to cover any and all expenses that arise from an auto accident – whether you are at fault or not. This includes insurance to replace your vehicle, pay your personal injury expenses, replace other motorists’ vehicles, repair property damaged in an accident, and pay the medical expenses of other motorists and passengers. It should also protect you from the unexpected, whether it’s an Arizona elk in the road at night or the occasional Arizona hail storm.

Full coverage does not have to be expensive – especially if you shop for auto insurance through an independent agency like ours. We help drivers compare rates from several of Arizona’s leading auto insurance companies, carefully calculating discounts and other factors that could influence monthly premiums.

If you own a vehicle in Arizona, we recommend comparing auto insurance rates every 6 months. With so many factors that influence your premiums, such as your credit report, driving record, deductibles and coverage limits, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars simply by shopping around. It’s time to find out how much you could be saving on auto insurance. Get your free quote today.