Commercial Insurance

Keeping your business safe from unexpected challenges in Arizona can require insurance that protects your assets. When you want to find a policy that is appropriate for your company, an independent agency like Biltmore Power Insurance Company Inc. can provide the information that you need to make the right decisions.

Auto Insurance

The state of Arizona does require that you establish financial responsibility by purchasing appropriate auto insurance. If your company provides a vehicle for employees, then you need a policy to address liability concerns. Additional coverage may also be useful to protect your vehicles, employees and other drivers.

Liability Insurance

Commercial liability is different from the coverage you may want or need as an individual. You should always purchase liability protection, or a CGL policy, that will protect against common threats to your company. Liability protection will help pay for any damages you or your employees cause to another individual, including injuries from an accident.

Property Coverage

When your company owns property, you should purchase coverage to protect that asset. The coverage that you need for your property can vary based on the situation, so you should determine the risks before buying a plan.

Arizona Workers Compensation

The state of Arizona does require that you purchase worker's compensation when you hire employees. The amount of coverage that you may want or need can depend on the situation and the industry that you work in, but generally you need coverage to protect all of your employees.

Business Owner Packages

If you are not sure about the protection that you need, then a BOP plan, or business owner package, may be a useful solution. It provides some basic liability coverage and protection for company assets. It may have some limitations, so read the policy before you determine that it is appropriate.

As a business owner, you need to protect your company. The best plan for your goals and needs may vary based on a variety of concerns, so an agency can help when you are looking for coverage.