Home Insurance (Arizona)

More than 6.5 million people call the great state of Arizona home, and it's obvious why. From the spectacular sunsets to the breath-taking cliffs, canyons and rock formations, Arizona is a picturesque setting to live, work and play in. Many people own homes in The Copper State, where the average cost of a house is upwards of $200,000. But earthquakes, extreme weather, and even wildfires are all threats to the people of Arizona and the properties they work so hard to pay for. It makes sense that many would choose to protect their investments with comprehensive Arizona home insurance.

Types of Arizona Home Insurance Coverage

Arizona homeowners need complete coverage to protect their homes and assets. There are five primary types of insurance: dwelling, personal property, additional living expenses, liability and medical payments.

The first three types of coverage’s are dwelling, personal property and living expenses that protect you, the homeowner, from covered events. Whether a tree falls on your roof or a thief robs your home, dwelling and personal property coverage will pay for repairs and replacement expenses, as well as your temporary housing expenses should you be displaced from your home. The other coverage types like, liability and medical payments, protect your finances and assets should you become liable for another person's injuries or personal losses.

Shop and Compare Homeowners Insurance Rates in Arizona

Arizona insurance companies make it easy to shop for homeowners insurance by combining the various types of coverage into a single policy. When the time comes for you to purchase new Arizona homeowners insurance, don't waste time talking to high-pressure sales agents who represent the insurers. Instead, put your trust in an independent Arizona insurance agency like Biltmore Power Insurance Company Inc., where the agents work for the customers, not the providers. We make it easy to shop and compare rates between multiple providers in one easy, customer-friendly location.

If you own a home in Arizona, you may be paying too much for homeowner's insurance. Contact us here at Biltmore Power Insurance Company Inc. for an evaluation of your existing coverage. We may be able to help you identify insurance coverage gaps, excess coverage, or even premiums that are too high. Get your free quote today.